2016-03-07 10.53.14BROKERAGE OVER A CUP OF COFFEE !

Area of Specialization :

Northern Mindanao – the Land of Promise!

  • You want to purchase or own a real property in the Philippines?
  • We can assist you with your real property
  • Check its title, appraise the market value of the property, and conduct studies on any type of investment you may want to put into the property property

Just give me a call or send an email in the numbers and address listed above.

We are glad to do business with you anytime.

Want to sell or buy a property or business?

  • By how much?
  • How much does it cost ?
  • Just give me a call,
  • or email us at : mcc3856nagili@yahoo.com

We can appraise your property fast now!


5 thoughts on “HOME PAGE

  1. Gud am. Im a licensed appraiser. Does the government recognize our license as eligibility in working in any branch of government? Others say that the teachings/schoolings originated only from seminars and not a bachelor degree.

    • HI,

      If you are in the Philippines, your real estate appraisers license (?) is considered as equivalent to first grade regular examination given by the Civil Service Commission. This is according to RA 1080. Best regards.

  2. Hi Real Guy, what do you call the price (or cost whichever is suitable) of a land? is it average rate of land? price of land?

    I mean, If im going to purchase a land (no house) in Cavite. How do I know its price per square and how does one determine it? Thru the use of Zonal Value?

    It is very important for me to know what will I do with the land that I intend to buy.

    • It should be market value- if you intend to buy it. It must not be using the zonal value of the BIR (or the market value of the assessors office) – because those are values FOR TAXATION PURPOSES only, and legally created and mandated. What you need is a market value determined through research by a licensed real estate appraiser who are trained to do those things. Never use the real estate broker to determine market value because it usually has bias since he maybe a seller’s or broker’s broker – and will gain a percentage based on a commission on the sale of the property. The REA on the other hand must sign his estimate of value, and certify that he has nothing to do with the property 3 years past, or in the future.

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