Christmas Eatlist

Its 13 days before Christmas, and the wifey has  now earnestly started her holiday shopping to avoid the mad rush at the malls. So she asked me: what would you like to have this christmas? Of course, together with all short listed to do’s this coming vacation – indulging in my epicurean  gastric pleasure is near the top of the list! So I retired to our panic room, and gravely pondered on this weighty life changing question: what will I have this Christmas?

Well, seriously, I don’t know why, but recently I just don’t feel any craving for any particular food. Seems I have already reached that stage of – what else. Besides, I also need to consider the following: my losing battle with the bulge, and the fact that I am forced by circumstances to learn how to use the sphygmomanometer expertly (a type of human pressure gauge-lol) to monitor our blood pressure!

Strange but it seems to me that recently a lot of our friends and acquaintances are experiencing life threatening conditions related to the heart, and brain! At the latest count 5 have made that fearsome trip to the ICU for medical emergency. Could it be related to the holidays? Or could it be that I have reached that age where my acquaintances and of course myself, are now prone to these type of diseases?

Thus the question that begs an answer : what I will have this Christmas,  is indeed life changing, if not life threatening. Given the above situation, I will then just have a few simple dish this Christmas –  anyways, I have not yet cultivated a taste for gourmet food, and undeniably I am hopelessly biased towards Filipino (particularly Ilonggo) food in the first place.  Resolved to self: not to splurge in food but to eat in moderation – selecting only the best without busting the wallet.

So here’s my wish list cum cum eat list (not in any particular order of preference):

1. Chicken salad (this kind of reminds me of my younger days at our place when I help my cousins prepare this food). Reminder to self: go easy, very high in sugar.

2. Smoked ham ( the expensive kind – where of course the taste of smoke still lingers. It’s nice to prepare this properly full packed with all the ingredients, no holds barred – but I don’t know how! lol). I’ll just pay a chef at a friends restaurant to prepare this one for me.

3. Grilled Fish (either milk fish, tangigue, or tilapia) – Many don’t like the latter but maybe its an acquired taste – must not be too big or fatty though. Must be slow cooked in a grill to avoid burnt sides of the fish. Fill the insides with tomato, tanglad, sangig (don’t know the english name for this one – but it smells good), salt, sibuyas, and liberally drench inside with lemonsito – I don’t know how you do it, but this is my version

4. Cheese ( the expensive one – I may request a gourmet friend to buy one for me in Metro -Manila before Christmas).

5. For fruits : definitely ripe, yellow, plump mango. My mango at the backyard is not yet ready, so I will just have to buy from my favorite fruit stall – I saw plenty being displayed yesterday at the market. Also maybe water melon from Iloilo. And definitely, Ill have plenty of grapes, those luscious violet colored ones.

My Mango at our Backyard

Well my plebeian epicurean taste is simple as you can see. After all, I console myself with the thought – its all the same fats, proteins, and carbs regardless of the fancy names, anyway.

How about those that I don’t like for this Christmas? First honor is pork lechon -always lechon in all the parties I went to; second, chicken barbecue/grilled/etc..- anything chicken, everyday always chicken we may grow feathers… lol ; and finally, baked macaroni, spaghetti, pansit, bihon, pizza – ugghh maybe next year please, but not now – it is a gastric torture; roasted veal – also not my type -very hard to eat – why not corned beef instead?. Apples, citrus? next year maybe, don’t like it now.

So there you are. My wife will read this … nothing more to say. As they say in pidgin english: “Less talk, less mistake.” lol

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to all.


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