Christmas Greetings: Via Text Messages

In the Philippines, a text message can also convey one’s greeting this Christmas in a fast and semi-personal way. Some of these messages are especially composed just for us – while others are just recycled messages which the sender also received from someone else- but no matter – it sends the same universal Christmas message of love and brotherhood that binds us all.

Below is a compendium of some of these text messages sent to me this December of 2010 (identity of sender kept secret).

To my friends, special friends, and acquaintances, who happen to read this blog, I extend to you the same greetings with the same intensity, pure intention, and goodwill:

From a sister and dear friend in the faith, known for helping many people in need, this beautiful message – the secret to our happiness (?) :

We will never find happiness if we seek it 4 ourselves but if we bring happi ness 2 others we will c that it wil simply find its own way bac 2 us MERRY XMAS AND A HAPI NEW YEAR.”

From an Uncle in Wao (my old hometown):

“The yule-tide season may bring you and your family more happiness, love, prosperity and peace. Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year. From D***@G*** and Family.”

From a Brother in Law:

“Hi! Wishin you a blessed merry Xmas n a very prosperous New Year,good health n safety always,success in ur endeavors n answers 2 ur hearts’ desires.We love u guys always. O***, R*** n family.”

From a dear cousin, a Christmas greetings like no other, reminding me of our family reunion in Bukidnon:

“Merry chrismas . Our family reunion on dec 27 at RR RESORT maramag bukidnon .***/ per person . W***pls do atend.”

From a co-employee: “No, Merry Christmas and a Happy and properous New Year. May love and peace reign in your family and home.”

From a cousin in Cebu:


From an office mate, deeply religious and a Christian:

“Jesus left heaven n died on earth dat we will leave earth n live in heaven for eternity. May you n your family receive Jesus in your heart as we remember His birth. God bless from our hearts-B** n B***** G*****”

From a client:

Hi Nono, may U & Ur Family Celebrates w/ A Joyful Thoughts, A Peaceful Mind & A Cheerful Heart on dis Yuletide Season… Merry Christmas & Happy New Year “…

From a cousin also in Wao:

“Our prayers and wishes that God will richly bless ur heart, ur home & those u love lasting peace, inner joy & God’s comfort always.A Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful & Bountiful New Year!”

From a Land Bank employee:  “Before the clock strikes 12 let me greet you & your family a Happy Christmas. May the season of joy bring peace to you & your family. God bless you always.”

And finally, from our nephew in Cebu City – simple, direct to the point, economical, and in three exclamation points. What needs more to be said anyway? :

“Merry christmas!!!”

To you my friend, let me adopt this text message sent to me, as also my own personal Christmas greetings to you:

” It is the heart that makes man truly rich. He is according to what he is,  not what he has..,. We dont have everything but we have enough….”HAPPY HOLIDAYS. ”



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