Old favorites : Movies Not for General Patronage

Have you ever watched a DVD movie that touched you so deeply, that it kept you up late at night? These Christmas holidays 2010 I certainly have.

Sure, I have seen these old movies before! And not really related to Christmas, either. But it never fails (in me at least!) to evoke that magic feeling one gets of being carried away – as only truly great movies can. Ah, the poignant pathos of an unrequited love that really gets under your skin!

Be aware though: this may not be for general patronage. There are scenes of nudity and violence that might not be appropriate to your teens. Or to the more prudish amongst us.

And as they say, “different strokes for different folks”, but here are the favorite movies I watched for these 2010 holidays (not in any order):

1. The English Patient (1996) from Miramax Films (starring: Ralph Fiennes, Kristin Scott Thomas, and others. Directed by Anthony Minghella). This is a winner of 9 academy awards (best picture, best director).

2. Avatar (2009)from Twentieth Century Fox (starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Zaldana, and others. Directed by James Cameron). 3 Academy Awards.

3. Alexander Revisited The Final Cut (2004) from Warner Bros (starring: Colin Farell, Angelina Jolie, and others. Directed by Oliver Stone) 3 Academy Awards. It portrays Alexander the Great as a gay conqueror of most of the known world of that time.

4. Dr. Zhivago (1965) from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (starring Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, and others. Directed by: David Lean) Winner of 5 Academy Awards – 1965, and 5 Golden Globe Awards – 1965.

All of these are movies that deals in love so deep  – that one is willing to risk everything for it. The one great true love of our life, that survives even the passage of time. Perhaps, Alexander is an exception – but it can be argued that his love is for the glory of his native Macedonia.

All are action movies in a war setting. Three deals with adulterous love – but love so deep and gut wrenching that one wonders if one (meaning me!) can ever have the same experience, and still survive.

But at the risk of contradiction, my all time favorite is still Dr. Zhivago. I have seen it as a teenager in the 70’s, then 5 years ago I saw a CD adaptation of the film. Now, I revisited a Blue Ray adaptation of this great classic – and what a blast ! I bow down to Director David Lean.

First time also to see a Russian balalaika in action.

If you have not yet seen it, my friend, I highly recommend that you do. Warning:  this is a 3 hours  17 minutes movie that is worth your time.

Below is a you tube link to the movie sound track: Lara’s Theme (Somewhere My Love) one of my truly old favorite songs.

These movies does teach the axiom, that “All is fair in love and war.” (Quote by Francis Edward Smedley, 1818-1964, English Novelist). 🙂


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