A “Professional” Real Estate Broker

Some people expects us real estate brokers to be professional in our dealing with them. Of course, with the advent of RA 9646 (in the Philippine setting, at least!), real estate brokerage has indeed truly became a profession.

But what does exactly being a “professional” mean?

I think that being a professional is sometimes misunderstood – for as long as some people expects a certain type of behavior from others that only fits their preconceived notion of conduct.

An example is an accusatory statements such as, “I thought you are a member of (mentioning a religious movement, church, religion, or organization, or profession)… then why are you  like that? “ In my view, that is a classic example of an outsider to an organization trying to impose his preconceived notion of how a member of that organization should act!

Funny, and sometimes annoying indeed – especially if you are at the receiving end of that snide remark!


To me a professional is that breed of person whose conduct of his profession follows a generally higher level of professional conduct than what is the accepted norm of behavior.

In the Philippines, we real estate practitioners have what we called the National Code of Ethics for the Realty Service Practice – to generally guide us in our practice. We are bound to follow this Code of Ethics – but of course, the coluroms (or unlicensed brokers) are not!

This document is neatly divided into four sections or categories, namely: relation to the government, public, client/customer, and fellow practitioners. Each section then covers an expected behaviour or reaction of a broker in certain situations.

In my opinion however, the entire Code of Ethics could just be simply summarized in a few succinct Be‘s:

1.       Be just and fair in dealing with anyone

2.       Be respectful of the right of others

3.       Be law abiding

4.       Be reliable

5.       Be a provider of excellent service

Thus even if one had not been able to read the Code of Ethics, for as long as he abides by these common-sense rules, then to me at least that real estate broker is indeed a professional of the highest order. This code of conduct are the building blocks of a lasting career, and the basic cornerstone to get and retain clients respect, high regard by peers and the public, and assurance of success in his profession.

Of course, these rules equally apply to all professions – and even to professional clients themselves.

Motto: Amicis prodesse, nemini nocere (To do good to my friends, to injure nobody.)


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