The Game of Thrones


The AIPO national directorate – especially the first batch in the election of 2012 – will in effect control the fate of the real estate industry for better or for worse – in the decades to come.

The AIPO will have the golden opportunity to change the image of the real estate industry – professionalize it, keep it up in this internet age, unite it into a single potent unit from a disaggregation of various splinter groups.

There is however also the so-called “dark side of the force”. On the  flip side, this power that could be undeniably used for good –  can be also used to run down or out of business perceive enemies, and use the power for personal gains and glory.This is both good and bad – as it is always in real life.

How ? This they can do through RA 9646.

Consider this facts:

  • The AIPO will have the power to determine the next batches of PRB RES. How? Under Section 4 of the RA 9646 IRR, the AIPO is the only one who will give a list of five candidates for every vacant PRB RES position – from which the President of the Philippines shall appoint a nominee to that vacancy (from out of three nominees by the PRC – also taken from the same list).
  • The nominees must come from the AIPO but is not an officer at the time of his appointment (Section 6.d of the IRR). Those wanting to be nominated to the PRB RES must therefore  join the AIPO but not aim for any officership position at all – in order to be qualified.
  • The PRB RES controls the conduct and direction of the real estate industry for years to come (See Section 5 of the IRR). For example, the board conducts licensure examination; issues and revokes/reinstates licenses of practitioners; adopts the national code of ethics issued by the AIPO; screens, issue and monitor the service providers for the CPE seminars, and a many other powers.

The AIPO then is very crucial. This power to indirectly influence the PRB RES, in the hands of an unscrupulous person or clique can be a boon or a bane to many. However, done properly, with a pure heart, and unselfish intention – this power can be used for the good of all. As in the Spiderman movie it is said, “ From great power comes great responsibilities”, but some would say also “weather – weather lang yan!” – and that is the fear of many.

This is now the moment of truth for many of us. We must select leaders who will work unselfishly for the industry, with no personal motive of self aggrandizement, and no axe to grind their enemies to the ground. Does this leader exist at all?

There are always two sides to a coin – black and white, night and day. Discerning RESPs however must be able to “see” these two sides, step up to the plate, and make the right decision when push comes to shove. They can vote with their hearts and discerning mind – and not as a mob, or a sheep to slaughter. In short, they must exercise due diligence, and vote according to their conscience on what would be best for everyone.

But how can we do this? We have no power to see the future, nor the ability to see the hearts and mind of men(and women). However, we can see the past, and this past can give us a clue into the capability and true character of a person.

Let us then exercise due diligence and select leaders with a golden heart  – the one who will unify us, guide us to greater possibilities in our profession, guided by  a refined sense of spirituality, of justice and impartiality. One who will truly galvanize us into action for the good of all. That is the least we can do.

Let the game of thrones begin.


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